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[Wikimedia-l] Recognition of Wikimedia MA User Group
Dear all,

I am honored to announce the recognition of another Wikimedia User Group
from the Middle East and North Africa: Wikimedia MA User Group [1]. They
seek to contribute actively to the dissemination, improvement and
advancement of free knowledge and culture through the development and
distribution of encyclopedias, collections of quotations, books and
other educational compilations of documents, especially in the languages
spoken in Morocco.

Please join us in welcoming a new member of the family of affiliates 8-)


"*Jülüjain wane mmakat* ein kapülain tü alijunakalirua jee wayuukanairua
junain ekerolaa alümüin supüshuwayale etijaanaka. Ayatashi waya junain."
Carlos M. Colina
Socio, A.C. Wikimedia Venezuela | RIF J-40129321-2 | <>
Chair, Wikimedia Foundation Affiliations Committee
Phone: +972-52-4869915
Twitter: @maor_x
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