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[Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland, November 28th, 2015; Call for speakers

Wikimedia Nederland has an annual conference, the WCN. As usual, it is
scheduled for November, this time Saturday the 28th.

We will not dramatically change the concept but are a little bit more
conscious about these points:
* The primary goal of the conference is for people to meet and connect, not
the pure transmission of information. So the sessions tend to be shorter
and have a dedicated part for discussions.
* We try to make use of the conference for the goals of the association,
e.g. by showing more what WMNL does (and whom you can contact for what). At
the same time it remains a platform for community members to show what they
are doing at the moment (e.g. in Wikipedia or Wikidata).
* Everytime there should be, if possible, one session in English, although
the general language of the conference still is Dutch.

Therefore we have a Call for Speakers also in English:

So, if you have something to communicate and want to meet people in the Low
Countries, with regard to Wikipedia, free knowledge and our other topics:
the WCN might be a very suitable conference for you. :-)

Kind regards
Ziko van Dijk
programme coordinator
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