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[Wikimedia-l] Online fundraising update on meta
Hi all,

I've just posted a brief update on meta from the fundraising team as we
enter a new fiscal year and I'm copying it below on this list as well.
Please do check out the meta update
<> about wrapping
up the 2014-15 fiscal year and some upcoming plans for this new fiscal
year. I'm looking forward to reading your ideas on the meta talk page

We’ve just ended the 2014-2015 fiscal year. The fundraising team is
preparing our annual fundraising report for the entire fiscal year (as we
have posted in past years
<>). We plan to
have the report posted by the end of this quarter. In the meantime, here
you have a few quick updates on the past quarter and some upcoming
information on the new fiscal year.

Since the December 2014 English fundraising campaign, the team has been
busy running campaigns in many countries and languages. In the past six
months, we ran desktop, mobile, and email campaigns in Israel, Hungary,
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Latvia, Romania, and Slovakia.

As we enter a new fiscal year, we are preparing another round of country
campaigns – kicking off with Japan in July. We have plenty of new ideas
to try and throughout the year we will be running tests around the world to
find new material to effectively and respectfully get our message across to
readers, while also motivating them to become donors. The team is working
on preparing brand new banner ideas to test (just to name a few ideas:
short messages, long messages, infographics, images, new designs, new
messaging, etc.) If you have any ideas, please do share them on the
talk page <>. We look
forward to finding new breakthroughs this year and sharing the highlights
with you.

A very big thank you to the more than four million readers who donated to
make the 2014-15 fiscal year the Wikimedia Foundation’s most successful
fundraising year in history. Thank you to the fundraising team, volunteers,
and staff for an incredible year. Looking forward to a new year and new


Megan Hernandez

Director of Online Fundraising
Wikimedia Foundation
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