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[Wikimedia-l] Erasmus Prize award ceremony
Wikipedia has been awarded the prestigious Erasmus Prize 2015. This prize
is awarded annually to a person or institution that has made an exceptional
contribution to culture, society or social science. Wikipedia was chosen
because the Internet encyclopedia provides worldwide access to knowledge in
an open and democratic way. The award goes specifically to the
international Wikipedia community, the volunteers behind Wikipedia. []

On Wednesday 25 November, the King of the Netherlands will present this
award to three members of the international Wikipedia community who each
represent a different aspect of what Wikipedia stands for and hopes to
achieve. [

Members of the international Wikipedia community are welcome to attend the
award ceremony, which will take place in the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, on
25 November. The event is free, but travel expenses are at own costs.

On behalf of the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation, Wikimedia Nederland is
compiling an invitation list of Wikipedians that are interested and able to
If you are a Wikipedia editor and you would like to be present, sign up on
the guest list as soon as possible. Enrollment is possible by sending a
Wikipedia mail to user:FrankTMeijer or listing your name on the list here [
](in Dutch only). Deadline for enrollment is 12 July.

Please note that:

*Enrolling on the guest list does not yet ensure that you can attend the
event. In case the number of interested people exceeds the number of
available seats in the audience, further selection will take place. Since
spaces are limited, we therefore kindly ask you to only sign up if you are
absolutely certain that you can attend.

*Invitees will need to reveal their real name and address details to
Wikimedia Nederland, which in turn will pass them to the Praemium
Erasmianum Foundation, so that invitation letters can be sent out.

*Due to the presence of the King, a very strict security protocol will be
in place. Guests need to present themselves with invitation and need to be
able to identify themselves.

*This is a formal event where a dress code (tenue de ville) will be in

*While the event itself is free, travel to and from the Netherlands is not
and these costs will not be reimbursed.

Best regards,

Arne Wossink, Frank Meijer

Arne Wossink

Projectleider / Project Lead Wikimedia Nederland

Tel. +31 (0)6 11000505

*Postadres*: * Bezoekadres:*
Postbus 167 Mariaplaats 3
3500 AD Utrecht Utrecht
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