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[Wikimedia-l] User manipulation of change tags, coming soon to a wiki near you
Thanks to some hard and awesome work by This, that and the other (a.k.a
TTO), the long-requested feature of allowing users to add and remove change
tags (see T20670 <>) has been
merged and should be rolled out with 1.26wmf3.[1]

Tags defined by MediaWiki or extensions, such as "HHVM", "visualeditor", or
"mobile edit", cannot be added or removed by this feature. Only tags
specifically activated for the purpose may be added, and only those tags or
tags that are unknown to MediaWiki beyond being on some existing revisions
may be removed.

Management of such tags is already available to users with the
'managechangetags' right (admins by default) via Special:Tags.

Tagging and untagging of individual revisions and log entries will come
with 1.26wmf3. Tags may be applied by users with the 'applychangetags'
right when making an edit,[2] and existing revisions and log entries may be
tagged and untagged by users with the 'changetags' right via an interface
much like that for revision deletion. Both of these rights are granted to
all logged-in users by default.

If the default assignment of these rights is a concern for the community of
any WMF-hosted wiki, please follow the procedure at to
request the necessary configuration change.

For API users, the relevant modules include action=managetags, action=tag,
and action=query&list=tags.[3]

[1]: See for the
[2]: By default there is no UI provided on the edit screen, but gadgets
may add a 'wpChangeTags' field with a comma-separated list of tags. API
users may use the new 'tags' parameter to action=edit.
[3]: See|tag|query+tags
for help, and post questions to mediawiki-api

Brad Jorsch (Anomie)
Software Engineer
Wikimedia Foundation
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