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[Wikimedia-l] Asked > Program Committee members for GLAM WIKI 2015
Hello everyone,

Wikimedia Nederland is looking for people to join the Program Committee for
the GLAM WIKI 2015 conference.

GLAM WIKI 2015 is a conference focussed on projects of/with Galleries,
Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) that are related to Wikimedia
projects and/or have another open knowledge component. The goal of the
conference is:

1. To let professionals and volunteers from the cultural sector share
lessons learned and best-practices on this topic.
2. To inspire and motivate participants to join existing or start up
their own projects that support the mission of the Wikimedia movement.
3. To increase awareness of the importance of accessible cultural
heritage and to put currently available content in the spotlight.

More information about the Program Committee, such as the profile and how
to apply, can be found on
Applying is possible until this Friday, 24:00 CET.


Sebastiaan ter Burg
*Projectleider Culturele Samenwerking*
*Wikimedia Nederland*
tel.: +31 30 32 00 238
gsm: +31 6 480 88 615
wiki: Ter-burg <>
*Postadres*: * Bezoekadres:*
Postbus 167 Mariaplaats 3
3500 AD Utrecht Utrecht
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