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[Wikimedia-l] Wiki Loves Africa : crowdfunding and contest last few days
Hello everyone

This is crowdfunding season :)

We are running the last few days of the Wiki Loves Africa Cuisine
photographic contest.

And we need your help in... three possible ways.

First, feel free to contribute more pictures to the contest... as long
as it fits with this year theme: African Cuisine !
The theme encompass the
* foods
* dishes
* crops and husbandry (or more generally, growth of ingredients)
* Traditions and rituals around food
* cooking methods and processing
* ustensils
* food markets as well as supermarkets or informal traders
* food festivals
* culinary events
* culinary art
* famine food and any other issues related to cuisine on the African

Second, please feel free to help categorize the images already uploaded.
Help translate descriptions when provided (many were provided in arabic
for example). And help use these pictures to illustrate Wikipedia and
other Wikimedia projects.

Third... we launched a crowdfunding project to fund the gifts that will
be offered to the winners.
If you feel like giving a few dollars...

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

All the best,


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