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[Wikimedia-l] Announcing Election Committee 2013
Hello dear community,

I am glad to announce this year's election committee:

Ferdinando Scala is an experienced Italien wikipedian who candidated for
the board in 2011
Jon Harald Søby is a wikipedian from Sweden and served as an election
committee member on 2011 and 2009
Katie Chan is an long year wikipedian who lives in the United Kingdom
and was on the election committee of 2008
Ralf Roletschek is a very respected community member on the German
wikipedia and on Commons
Risker is a long year wikipedian on the English Wikipedia

The following two staff members will provide support for the committee:
Philippe Beaudette is a long year wikipedian on English wikipedia and
served on the election committee for the past years. He is currently an
employee of the Foundation and I asked him to support the committee
Geoff Brigham is Foundation's currenty general council and will give you
support on legal issues.

As in this year at the same time the FDC will also be elected for the
first time, the election committee will also handle this election.

I would like to thank the volunteers for their dedication of time and work.


Board of Trustees
Wikimedia Foundation

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