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Video of the Foundation's Metrics & Activities meeting for February (Re: Wikimedia Foundation Report, February 2012)
On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 8:11 AM, Tilman Bayer <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> please find below the WMF report for February 2012, in plain text.
> As always, the editable and formatted version is on Meta:
> and the reports are posted on the Wikimedia blog, too:
> Since a few months, we have been publishing a separate "Highlights"
> summary. Please consider helping non-English-language communities to
> stay updated, by providing a translation:
> Many thanks to those who translated last month's "Highlights" into
> Arabic, Danish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch and Vietnamese.
> While still focussing on WMF activities, the "Highlights" include a
> small selection of the most noteworthy events from the whole movement.
> Suggestions for the upcoming Febuary issue are welcome at
(this should have read "March issue", of course ;)
> (until April 4).
> As last time, the monthly Metrics & Activities meeting at the WMF
> office has been recorded on video. The recording should become
> available on Commons within a few days.

The upload has now completed and the video is at,_2012.ogv

See also last month's general explanations by Erik about these
meetings and video recordings
). In the future, the videos will continue to be included in the
monthly report and the Highlights, and not be announced separately.

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