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Re: [Wikidata-l] introduction (community communications for Wikidata)
Welcome Lydia, it's an exciting time to work with WMDE, best of luck in your new role.


On Mar 9, 2012, at 9:13 AM, Lydia Pintscher wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Lydia and just
> started working for Wikimedia Germany. Some of you might know me from
> my work in Free Software projects.
> I'll be a part of the team working on Wikidata
> ( - the goal of the project is
> to create something similar to Wiki Commons for data). It's a huge
> undertaking for the German and global community. Wikidata is a project
> I am passionate about and I am even more passionate about doing it
> right. Doing it right in this case obviously means making sure
> everyone's input is heard and taken into consideration. My
> responsibility will be exactly that - working with all of you to make
> it a successful project. A lot of things concerning how, when and
> where this will be used in Wikipedia are still up for discussion and
> decisions need to be found in the community. I will be here to
> facilitate this.
> I assume many of you have not heard from me before so let me tell you
> a bit about myself. I studied computer science at the Karlsruhe
> Institute of Technology. There I worked on a program to plan
> robot-assisted laser surgeries on human skulls and wrote my diploma
> thesis on collaborative and transparent Free Software development. I'm
> passionate about enabling people to make awesome happen around Free
> Culture. I've spent most of my spare time in the last 7 years on
> community work in KDE ( This includes running its
> mentoring programs, co-founding its community working group, serving
> on the board of the non-profit behind it and generally making sure
> everything is running smoothly. I've also helped out other projects
> occasionally like Kubuntu, VLC/VideoLan and openSUSE in that position.
> Not long ago I released a free book called Open Advice
> ( that is a collaborative effort to make it
> easier for people to start contributing to Free Software. You probably
> know 4 of the authors from around Wikipedia. When it comes to
> MediaWiki I have done developer engagement for Semantic MediaWiki Plus
> for the last two years and am on the steering committee of the
> non-profit behind Semantic MediaWiki. Due to my day only having 24
> hours (even if some people claim otherwise) I have not had a chance to
> get into contributing to Wikipedia. Thankfully that's going to change
> now. (As a very regular user: Thank you!)
> For the next days/weeks my focus will be:
> * collecting ideas/doubts/other input for Wikidata that you already
> have for me now (I'll work through any existing discussions I can find
> - if you want to make sure I see something please do send me a link.)
> * creating some resources to explain the project better
> * setting up some infrastructure to keep everyone updated on the
> status and able to contribute
> * work on collecting input in a structured manner and addressing it together
> If you have any questions please let me know. I'll be around on the
> English and German Wikipedia, IRC, XMPP, Skype or whatever else you
> prefer ( ).
> You can subscribe to the Wikidata mailing list at
> and join the
> IRC channel #wikimedia-wikidata on freenode.
> Cheers
> Lydia, who is really looking forward to working with you
> --
> Lydia Pintscher -
> Community Communications for Wikidata
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> 10777 Berlin
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