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[Wikimedia Announcements] Welcome Lindsey Smith - Mobile UI/UX Contractor
Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to welcome a new member of to the mobile engineering team.
Lindsey Smith started this week as our new Mobile UI/UX contractor.
She'll working with us in San Francisco helping us flush out the look,
feel, and experience across all of our mobile projects. This fits a
critical need of the mobile team which has grown steadily over the
last couple of months in development capacity but has not grown enough
in design capacity. With the addition of Lindsey we'll have some keen
eyes on such key projects as our new navigational system, image
uploads, and numerous future projects.

Lindsey joins us as a mobile designer from Dallas, Texas who's
recently moved to the bay area with her husband and 2 border collies.
She's worked for Semaphore Mobile on a range of client applications
from restaurant review service Zagat to custom remote control
interfaces for Traxxas cars[1]. Her educational background is in
Software Engineering but she found her passion to be in UI/UX.

Welcome Lindsey!



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