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New Models of Affiliation update
Dear all,

A quick update on New Models of Affiliation for the Wikimedia Movement
since the publication of the board letter on 13 Feb. The letter is at From the
emails responding to this, SJ and I extracted a number of relevant
questions that are slowly being discussed on the talk page.

A small informal working group is aiming to move this discussion forward in
the next 15 days. We are:

Bence Damakos - ChapCom
Bishakha Datta - WMF Board
Joan Goma - Amical
Sam Klein - WMF Board
Delphine Menard - WM DE, ChapCom
Achal Prabhala - ChapCom advisor
Marcos Talles - WM ES
Galileo Vidoni - WM AR

Our aim is to discuss and progressively fine-tune the draft proposal on New
Models of Affiliation for the Wikimedia Movement. Each of the members is
already part of this discussion, has expressed a deeper interest in the
issue, or is likely to be affected by it.

We will conduct our discussions on meta at as per the
following timetable:

*2.1 Affiliation models, names, and overlaps
Deadline to add our comments and additional questions to this section: 2

*2.2 Requirements for recognition
Deadline to add our comments, more questions to this section: 4 March

*2.3 Rights and duties *
Deadline for our comments and questions: 6 March

*2.4 Overlaps and privileged status within a region *
Deadline for c and q: 8 March

*2.5 Membership, communities and collaboration*

Deadline: 10 March

*2.6 Mentoring and review*
Deadline: 12 March

*2.7 Governance*
Deadline: 14 March

It would help us immensely if any of you with an interest in this issue
would participate in the meta discussion as per the time-table above.
(Broken into bite-sized pieces to ensure we can focus on smaller bits; the
whole thing is a lot to chew off at once). I will continue to announce the
smaller bits at the start of each to stimulate participation - and get back
next week on steps after 14 March.

We hope this will help us develop the New Models of Affiliation draft
proposal into a solid set of recommendations and look forward to your
interest and participation.

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