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[Wikimedia Announcements] Language committee report - January 2012
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This is the language committee report for January 2012 (and also December 2011).

=== 2011 report ===
* MF-Warburg wrote a relevant report for the year 2011, see

=== Approvals ===
* The Wikipedia in Veps (a Uralic language spoken by about 6,000
people) has been created. <>
* The Wiktionary in Punjabi (in Shahmukhi script) has been created.
* The Wikisource in Marathi has been created. There is a bit of
content on the OldWikisource (that still needs to be transferred).
However, the Maharashtra Government has promised to provide free
content for the Marathi Wikisource. <>
* The Wikipedia in Lezgian (a Northeast Caucasian language spoken by
about 784,000 people) is approved by the committee.

=== Requests ===
* Some discussion about the Belarusian Wikisource request. It is very
active, but the issue is that it be in both the official and
Taraskevica orthography.
* There is a request for a Wikiquote in Oriya/Odia, however there is
concern about the language/orthography used on Oriya projects.

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