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Do you want to write pages that thousands of people see every day?

Just a quick note from the Account Creation Improvement Project:

Tomorrow we will start testing the pages that newcomers see once they have
created their accounts. So far we have six new versions of the landing
pages, but we would very much like your input and your help. You can check
out the pages we have already (and make changes to them - and of course,
create new ones) here:

* Original version - this is the one we have now:

* Redesign version -

* Version based on Polish version -

* 'Options' version -

* Video version -

* Easy steps version -

* Bookshelf version -

If you don't like them, that's fine! In fact, make your own version. We want
as many Wikipedians and non-Wikipedians as possible to create their versions
and improve the versions we have.

Tomorrow, February 21st, we will start testing all these pages live on
Wikipedia to see which ones make the newcomers more likely to start editing.
And every day thousands of newcomers will see some of these versions.

(By the way, if you're not familiar with the Account Creation Improvement
Project and what we've done so far, go to for
more background.)

Best wishes,

Lennart Guldbrandsson

Lennart Guldbrandsson, Fellow of the Wikimedia Foundation and chair of
Wikimedia Sverige // Wikimedia Foundation-stipendiat och ordförande för
Wikimedia Sverige
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