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Re: [Wikivideo-l] Universal Subtitles will caption your videos!
Edouard Isar shared this request with the wikivideo list yesterday.
Michael noted the category

But perhaps some video editors on Commons (or people developing video
for other Foundation projects) have their own suggestions for great
videos to subtitle. Thanks Edouard and PCF for this outreach effort!

going shortly to a meeting on freeing video archives

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 2:12 PM, Edouard Isar <> wrote:
> Hello Wikivideo list members,
> I'm contacting you on the behalf of the Participatory Culture Foundation.
> You might have heard of Universal Subtitles, a project we are currently
> working that enables collaborative creation and editing of subtitles for
> online video. Great for reaching an audience that doesn't speak your
> language, or to improve accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing users.
> We're currently working on a list of social interest videos, as well as on a
> page where deaf and hard of hearing users can suggest social videos they'd
> like subtitled.  We are also working with organizations to ask what videos
> they would like subbed. This is where you come in: it is a chance for
> Wikivideo to get free captions and translations from volunteers.
> So, if you'd like to send me links for one to four videos you'd like
> captioned and translated, we'll get the ball rolling!
> Best regards,
> Ed
> Participatory Culture Foundation
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