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Movement roles group meeting in Frankfurt
The movement roles group wants to let you know that we had a very fruitful working weekend in Frankfurt. We are working on a charter and recommendations to share at Wikimania in Haifa.

By way of background, the movement roles project is working on clarifying roles and responsibilities of different entities, groups and people supporting our global movement. We believe that this is crucial to prepare the Wikimedia movement for growth and success in its mission to bring the sum of human knowledge to all people, particularly in reaching parts of the world that currently lack a Wikimedia community.

In October the board of the Wikimedia Foundation approved the direction of the group and encouraged all interested parties to engage. Over the past few months the movement roles group has been drawing together facts, ideas, and views from Wikimedians. At the end of January we met in Frankfurt, not so much to make decisions, but to identify potential problems, common grounds and to inspire discussions and conversations

For transparency we have put the raw notes on meta, with some some context to give you a better impression of the actual situation.

There is more background on our project on meta, too.

Better worked out proposals, wordings and summaries will come later, and we will initiate discussions on mailing lists and here on the wiki.

We have a long way to go, yet!

Movement roles group: Alice Wiegand, Anirudh Bhati, Arne Klempert, Austin Hair, Barry Newstead, Bence Damokos, Bishakha Datta, Delphine Ménard, Galileo Vidoni, Jon Huggett, Lodewijk Gelauff, Morgan Chan, Samuel Klein

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