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Christine Mellenberndt joins Reader Relations at WMF
Hi all,

Most of you are aware that I'm leading the Foundation's annual
fundraiser this year, in addition to my work as Head of Reader
Relations. It became increasingly obvious to Zack and me that my
attention was being split, which was no good for either tasking.

The result of that is that we're beefing up our capacity in reader
relations, especially with Cary rotating off the job in December.

I'm pleased to announce that Christine Moellenberndt has joined the
Wikimedia Foundation as a Community Associate, reporting to me, on a
temporary appointment through Feb 28. Christine has been a Wikimedia
reader for some time, which positions her nicely as someone who can
speak for the needs of our readers. Her area of expertise is online
communities, which made for a perfect triangulation. She's writing
her masters thesis right now, focusing on LiveJournal.

She's done a tremendous amount of research over the last week or so,
and is hitting the ground running, beginning with internal protocols,
and building out scalable support systems.

You should consider Christine your first point of contact: I've found
that she's one of the few people I've ever met more likely to be
online than I am. With that in mind, please do your best to not abuse
her, huh?

She can be reached on IRC (ChristineM) or by email (
or Most telephone calls to me will be
redirected to her, as well. If there's something urgent that you need
me to see, feel free to continue to send it directly to me.

Christine will bring questions to me, early on, but I've found her to
be a quick study and think she'll be fully functional almost

Best wishes,
Philippe Beaudette
Head of Reader Relations
Wikimedia Foundation

ofc: +1 415 839 6885 (x 6643)
mobile: 918 200 WIKI (9454)

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