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Movement roles
For those who haven't been following the movement roles work on
meta[0], I wanted to take a minute for blatant self-promotion.

Of particular note is the initial proposal[1], which we're trying to
wrap up before the WMF Board meeting in just over a week. Those of
you thinking that this is happening a bit close are absolutely
correct—it's an uncomfortable deadline, to be sure; as we get more
participation in the coming months, this should get a lot smoother.

I also want to draw attention to a draft questionnaire[2], which is
meant to informally gather opinions and hopefully produce some
insightful commentary. As a draft, of course, everyone should feel
welcome to discuss and edit.

I'll continue to send periodic updates to Foundation-l, but the actual
work's happening on meta—anyone interested is encouraged to
participate there. It's a community process, and it won't happen by



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