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Announcing the GLAMWIKI:FR - december 3rd and 4th in Paris
Dear all,

on behalf of Wikimedia France I am please to announce the GLAMWIKI:FR
conference! This event will take place on the 3rd-4th of december at
the 101 rue de l'Université, Paris (in the new "victor Hugo" space.)

We published the "save your date" announcement on our blog:

The Facebook page of the event, a two-hours baby, is already buzzing:

Entrance is *free* and registration required -- the website for the
registrations will open on *October 15th*.

The program is still stabilizing, but we have more than 20 speakers for
about 8 roundtables -- and many proactive GLAM people from the Wikimedia
movement will be there... The website for the event will open next week.

Special thanks to Liam and the WMUK people for their responsivness in
coordinating the communication!

Looking forward to meeting you in Paris :)


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