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LPTF update: Recommendations
With the upcoming Board meeting, we will be present recommendations for

The Wikimedia Foundation and the Board always have maintained a hands off
policy on editorial practice and policy as long as local projects fall
within the mission statement of the Foundation and laws. However, the
Board and the staff also realize that while not responsible for the content
directly, they should have processes and policies by which projects should
operate when relating to living people. Hence the task force (applications
went out last June, started in September), and I'll forgo the history of all
that for another time.

What we're doing is creating a guideline and policy for global application-
this is not aimed at en.wp in a way that a magic bullet will change it.
Instead it is supposed to create a framework for smaller projects that have
no process in place, as well as influence the larger projects that we have
learned from. The issues relating to living people range from foo.wp to
quote to commons to wikt, even. The purpose is to provide a long term
viability guide that will help both the readers, the subjects, and the users
to work together in creating quality treatment of living people. This also
includes community interaction in a tangential way, but that's for another

The recommendations that we have written up are a culmination of examination
off the problems that face all wikis, and are simply defined with the goal
of establishing a mindset in projects that are developing a proper method of
dealing with living people.

The Recommendations can be found here:

I would like to emphasize that while I am the primary author of this page, I
cannot link to the three legal pads full of notes from hundreds of
Wikimedians over the past nine months.

Please discuss these issues if you see something in particular, and email me
if you have a particular concern you'd like to discuss in private. I can
also be found on freenode IRC as Keegan.


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