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[[en:Xenu]] and fair use
I'm trying to herd [[en:Xenu]] through Featured Articled Candidates. It's
getting general support and many useful suggestions have been made. One was
that if the thing about Hubbard's handwriting is mentioned, a scan of at
least that word should be put in.

So I've put the scan in as fair use for academic research purposes. Which
it blatantly is. And the full scanned page has been on Dave Touretzky's
site on the subject ( for nine years
without a legal threat. However, the Church of Scientology has threatened
others in the past.

I'm not keen to indulge in copyright paranoia - the tiny page fragment in
question is OBVIOUS fair use in a encyclopedia, of all places - but thought
it would be appropriate to at least mention it to the Foundation.
Particularly as Clearwater is just down the road from St.Petersburg in
Florida ;-)

- d.