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Fwd: Fw: Embassies sponsor article-writing contests in three languages
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From: Ave Maria Mõistlik <>
Date: 2009/5/18
Subject: Fw: Embassies sponsor article-writing contests in three languages


I want Foundation members to know this:

From April 4 to May 4 2009 a competition in writing Norway-related articles
was held in the Estonian language version of the international on-line
encyclopedia Wikipedia, written by volunteers. The competition was supported
by the Norwegian Embassy to Estonia. At the same time, a parallel
competition for writing Estonia-related articles ran in the Nynorsk and
Bokmål versions of Wikipedia, supported by the Estonian Embassy to Norway.

This is the first time that embassies have supported a competition in
Wikipedia. The original idea of the competition came from Mr Ulf Larsen, who
works in Norway and lives in Estonia.

Over the course of the competition, 216 new articles on Estonia were written
in Bokmål, 202 new articles were written in Nynorsk. Forty users of the
Estonian Wikipedia managed to write or edit 768 articles in one month. 623
of those articles were written from scratch during this competition. This
great number was very surprising for the jury.

Most articles written in the Estonian language concern the geography and
history of Norway. There was also interest in Norwegian literature, art and

Winners in Estonian language version of Wikipedia:

Metsavend, main prize
Geonarva, special prize for geography of Norway
WooteleF, special prize for cultural heritage and history of Norway
Mona, special prize for culture of Norway
Changeant, special prize for a newcomer

Winners in the Norwegian Nynorsk version of Wikipedia:

Eirik, main prize, for the article about Estonia
Frokor, best extended article
Egil Arne, best new contributor

Winners in the Norwegian Bokmål/Riksmål version of Wikipedia:

> Bjoertvedt, main prize, for the article about Estonias economy
> Orzada, best extended article, History of Estonia
> Harald Hansen, best extended article, Estonia's defence
> Naunet, best new contributor, Estonian song festival
> Fredag25, best new contributor, Erkki-Sven Tüür
> Jpfagerback and Orzada, best co-operated article, Estonia's foreign

Link for news:

Pic of people in Norway:

Greetings from Tallinn, Estonia!

Ave Maria

Michael Bimmler
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