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Re: foundation-l Digest, Vol 48, Issue 99 wrote:
> Whereas,
> *The Board recognizes the value of the volunteers in the Wikimedia projects
> and that their work is the very reason of their success.
> *The Board values the opinions of these volunteers, and takes them into
> serious consideration when discussing issues involving the volunteers.
> *The Board is of the opinion that these volunteers should have a strong say
> in changes in the articles of incorporation and the bylaws of the Wikimedia
> Foundation.
> *The Board considers a Volunteer Council as a valuable intermediate between
> the Communities and the Foundation, and as a good instrument to hear the
> voice of the volunteers.
> it is hereby resolved that:
> * The Board of Trustees hereby creates a Volunteer Council, to serve as a
> valuable complement to the Staff, Advisory Board and Board of Trustees.
> Without restricting the generality of this provision the purposes of the
> Volunteer Council shall include:
> 1) Offering advice and support on issues relevant to the Wikimedia
> Volunteers,
> 2) Recommanding the opening or closure of Wikimedia projects,
> 3) Approving changes to the articles of incorporation or bylaws of the
> Wikimedia Foundation and
> 4) Assist in establishing a clear seperation between the legal
> responsibilities of the Wikimedia Foundation as an Internet Service Provider
> and the community decisions for the Wikimedia Projects.
I agree with this resolution. It is something long overdue. I support it
110%. I think it is something the board needs to seriously consider and

Jason Safoutin (Wikinews and other projects: DragonFire1024)

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