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vpnc on windows without server-supplied IP
I can use vpnc on linux to connect to my company's VPN from the outside
any issues; in that case, the tun0 gets an IP from the server for a
connection and everything works.

When I try to connect on windows from inside the company (which uses a
profile and server), I can connect fine but the TAP interface does not
get an IP.

I tried to figure out how the cisco client does things, but that's where
things seem to
get a bit weird. Just like vpnc, the Cisco VPN client has some virtual
adapter; but
its settings are rather strange. It shows up in the list of network
interfaces, but doesn't
show up in "ipconfig /all" output. And when the VPN is connected, the
properties page
for that interface shows that it has a static IP that's the same as the
DHCP IP that's
on the real network interface.

Has anyone seen this kind of setup before, and does anyone know what I
need to
do to successfully get this to work ?

I have not yet tried to connect to the VPN from my windows box from the
(i.e. with the same profile I use on linux), so I'm not sure whether the
problem is with
the internal profile or whether it's a windows-vs-linux thing.


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