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vpnc 0.5.1 released
Hello all,

thanks to Joerg for pestering me to do another release (-;
which fixes some serious and annoying bugs found in 0.5.0:

Changes include:

* vpnc-0.5.1.tar.gz Mon Sep 10 23:16:41 CEST 2007
- link against -lcrypto instead of -lssl, fix from: Christophe Thil
- fixed crashes on 64bit platforms by Tomas Mraz, report by Brian Downing
- fixes to keepalive code from Brian Downing
- generate options part of the manpage automatically, by Wolfram Sang
- fix dead peer detection problems with Sonicwall, by Gerald Hanusch
and Wolfgang Astleitner
- fix disconnect problems with Sonicwall (please test if it fixes the known
problems with Cisco), by Gerald Hanusch and Wolfgang Astleitner
- again special thanks Joerg Mayer for handling all patches since the
last release (-:
- various other fixes contributed by Scott Rankin, Markus Meschederu


Maurice Massar
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