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WinVNC 3.3.1 R5 TEST for Win95
*** Information relevant to users running WinVNC (Win32 VNC server) on
Windows 95 systems:

At the time of release, there was a known bug in WinVNC 3.3.1 which had
not been tracked down. This bug caused Windows 95 machines to stop
sending updates to VNC clients after a few minutes of use.

The problem is thought to be related to rendering of the mouse pointer at
the server end. A patched version of WinVNC is currently available from
the VNC download page at

This is a test release, with the intention that users who have experienced
difficulties when running WinVNC under Windows 95 can try the patch out to
see if it alleviates the problem for them.

Windows 95/WinVNC users are encouraged to mail us to report whether or not
the patch works on their system.


James "Wez" Weatherall
Olivetti & Oracle Research Laboratory, Cambridge, UK.
Tel : Work - 343000