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TightVNC Connecting to Logon Screen
Hi There,

I have 2 windows 7 computers. Comp A and Comp B.
Both have Server and Viewer Installed with service running and proper
configuration done.

Let's say i'm hosting the server on Comp B and trying to connect to it
through TightVNC Viewer on Comp A.
I'm able to connect, but...
my issue is, sometimes it takes me to the logon screen of Comp B and
sometimes it directly connects me to Comp B without questioning and takes
me directly to the desktop of the currently logged in user.

Why is this happening? I tried playing around with some settings but in
vain. Am i missing something?
I need a solution for this please help me.

PS: This mostly happens when I hide the System Tray Icon from Windows
notifications and the configuration of TightVNC.

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