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Keyboard mapping problem between viewer (windows xp) and server (ubuntu 11.10)

I have created an Ubuntu 11.10 virtual machine under VMware vSphere 4.0
which I can access through vcenter's console and have no issues with
keyboard mapping. I have installed vnc-server by opening a terminal window
(ctrl+alt+t) and typing vncserver + Enter.

I have installed vnc-viewer (vnc_4_1_3_x86_win32_viewer.exe) on a Windows
XP Pro SP3 VM on my pc using VMPlayer and on the same network (ie,
10.10.10.x) as the vnc-server.

I am able to connect from the vnc-viewer machine to the vnc-server machine
without any problem. Once I connect I open a Firefox session on the
vnc-server machine and type 'http://'. What I get back is 'http>&&'.

Most probably, I should be editing some configuration file on either the
vnc-viewer machine or/and the vnc-server machine.

Can someone help me by pointing to an url, docs, or something else I could
read to understand what needs to be done?

Many thanks,

Pedro Pestana
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