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a couple of VNC Server Enterprise Edition questions

I am considering purchasing the full license of VNC server enterprise
but have some questions first:

Q1 - I am currently using VNC Free outside my home firewall via first
setting up an encrypted SSH tunnel over port 443 to my home Mac, then
running VNC on top of this layer (for security) and via port 443 (to
eliminate firewall port configuration issues). Is it possible with
VNC server enterprise (running on Mac at home) to be able to establish
an external (over internet) connection to my home Mac which is:

(a) encrypted/secure VNC connection, which
(b) uses port 443, and
(c) for which the client can be configured with proxy settings with

Q2 - Is it possible at the client end to swap the monitor mode from
say (a) Monitor 0 only, to (b) Monitor 0+1, then back again?


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