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VNC Read connection aborted (10053)
hello James

Thank you first for your long and complete answers.

To draw a quick picture of my VNC connexions:
- my PC: on a WiFi local network, down to a WiFi router, down via Ethernet to a
DSL box, a ZoneAlarm firewall
- my wife's PC: on the same WiFi network, the WinXP fw
- my mother's PC: beyond Internet, with a DSL box, the WinXP fw

Allow me to recall that my PC runs a listening Viewer and the other two PC's a
Server acting with the Add Client option, via a batch file triggered at boot
time and every hour.

Yes, I found the option called "Rate-limit mouse move events" and clicked it on.

On this item, let me ask one question:
- the Viewer I use for the two connections runs in listening mode
- I clicked this option from the small icone down right into the Notification
- does my click applies to the listening Viewer?

Yes, on the port item, I will return to the 5500, once my mother will be back
into 3 weeks from now.

WiFi connections:
Since my PC is connected to the rest of the world via WiFi, Yes, I am connected
to both the "remote" PC and the "local" PC via WiFi.
Let me stress that I have strictly no connection breakdown with the local PC
while my connection with the remote PC breaks down almost every hour after a
15-30 minutes delay.

Well Wes, I hope that this answers your three recent messages and contribute to
move the subject forward.

I will very soon move the "local" connection back to 5500.

If you had the answer at my "clicking" question, this would be fine.

Thanks again.

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