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VNC Enterprise Edition 4.1
RealVNC is pleased to announce the availability of VNC Enterprise Edition
4.1 for Unix & Windows platforms.

VNC Enterprise Edition builds on the streamlined core at the heart of the
VNC 4 series, and has been developed for use in corporate environments and
across the Internet. Designed and built from the ground up by the original
inventors of VNC, Enterprise Edition provides robust and easily-administered
security with a minimum of fuss. RealVNC Ltd. are committed to continually
improving VNC Enterprise Edition with new features and enhancements, while
retaining its high standards of stability, performance and security. All
Enterprise Edition customers can receive these upgrades free of charge for
the first 12-months.

Core features of VNC Enterprise Edition:
- Legacy VNC 3 Compatibility
- VNC 4 Free Edition Compatibility
- 2048-bit RSA Server Authentication
- 128-bit AES Session Encryption & Tamper-Proofing
- Native User Authentication
. Windows - NT Domain, Active Directory, LDAP, etc.
. UNIX - Password file, NIS/NIS+, LDAP, etc.
- One-Port HTTP & VNC
- Dedicated help and support channel

Extra features of VNC Enterprise Edition for Windows:
- Desktop Scaling
- Single Sign-On
- Powerful Deployment Tools

VNC Enterprise Edition is available for the following platforms, with more
on the way:
- Windows (x86)
. Windows 98/Me, NT 4, 2000, XP, 2003 Server
. Linux (x86)
. HP-UX 11/11i (PA-RISC)
. Solaris 7 (SPARC)

To download binaries (including trial option) or documentation, or to
purchase licenses, please visit the VNC Enterprise Edition Homepage at: