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VNC Free Edition 4.1.1 released
RealVNC is pleased to announce the release of VNC Free Edition 4.1.1.

VNC Free Edition 4.1.x is a major overhaul of the previous VNC 4.0
release, benefitting from the significant stability and performance
improvements made in the development of VNC Enterprise Edition

Improvements vs VNC Free Edition 4.1:
- Western-European accented characters are now supported in clipboard data.

Windows Improvements vs VNC Free Edition 4.1:
- Viewer now respects the Monitor parameter and fits itself within the
working area.
- Server tooltip text now updates correctly.
- Server respects the Disable local inputs setting.
- Server no longer wrongly enables Active Desktop on pre-XP systems on
- Installer can be used over an active VNC installation without requiring a

Unix Features & Improvements vs VNC Free Edition 4.1:
- Improved the vncviewer, vncconfig and x0vncserver event loops.
- Enabled the XInputExtension in Xvnc by default.
- Fixed the build settings & binary for the module for XFree86.

See the VNC Free Edition 4.1 release notes for details of the changes
between versions 4.1 and 4.0:

Binaries and source can be downloaded from the RealVNC website at

Documentation and notes on this release can be found at

Please direct bug reports for this release to v4bugs "at"


The VNC Team