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[ANNOUNCE] HttpTunnel4vnc

we are pleased to announce HttpTunnel4vnc.

HttpTunnel4vnc provides tunneling of VNC-sessions through HTTP.

An extraction of the main page:

* Our main goal was to provide a solution that works with a wide range
of firewalls and proxies and requires minimal fuss on the client

* HttpTunnel4vnc requires no signed applets, no reconfiguration of
firewalls; proxy settings of browsers are used transparently.

* HttpTunnel4vnc uses only vanilla HTTP GET and PUT requests (no fancy
CONNECTs), this should work even with the dumbest browsers.

* Tunneling introduces quite a bit of overhead: but performance is
still very acceptable.

* HttpTunnel4vnc supports persistent (keep-alive) connections and HTTP
pipelining. Unfortunately, few browsers, and even fewer proxies,
take advantage of these features.

* HttpTunnel4vnc can be configured to work transparently behind
Apache. This way, you can use the all import port 80 for VNC and
other applications. Thus HttpTunnel4vnc can also be configured to
provide virtual multi-session support (multiple VNC servers on port
80 are possible).

For details see:

Kind regards :)

The HttpTunnel4vnc Team
<a href="">HttpTunnel4vnc</a>