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vnc 3.3.5 RPMS for Redhat linux (7.x)
I've built redhat linux RPMS for vnc 3.3.5 that are dropin replacements
for the version of vnc distributed with redhat linux (7.x)

A brief changelog:
* Thu Nov 07 2002 Rex Dieter <> 3.3.5-0
- (real)vnc-3.3.5, patched for xclients, xfs fontpath,
tcp_wrapper support, and default to shared sessions.
- no html docs, for now.
- add xinetd support.

* Tue Jul 16 2002 Rex Dieter <> 3.3.3r2-34unl
- use VNCOPTIONS (rfe #68971)

The RPMS are available from:

The src.rpm is available from:

Enjoy. Feedback is welcome.

Rex A. Dieter
Computer System Administrator
Mathematics and Statistics
University of Nebraska Lincoln