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VNCj 1.0

This month's edition of JavaWorld ( features a
cover article by yours truly about my VNCj library ("Remote Control Java").
It is now in version 1.0, fully supporting JDK 1.4, and clean of most bugs.

Use VNCj to create powerful VNC _application servers_ (as opposed to desktop
servers, the more common use of VNC) very quickly using standard Java GUI
(Swing and AWT) and graphics libraries. And extensions that are based on
these standards (such as 3D and GIS) should also work. It's an good way to
distribute a complex service right now without requiring users to install
clients. It is a strong platform for developing management modules for
software/hardware devices, especially those for which HTML just won't do.
And if your network already is using a lot of VNC, it's a good way to create
services on-the-fly.

VNCj supports all the standard encodings and shared sessions.

Tal Liron