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VNC server for 8-bit microcontrollers

I have written a small VNC server, suitable for use in small networked
8-bit microcontrollers and systems of similar magnitude. The server is
called "uVNC" (micro VNC) and more information and source code can be
found at:

Please note that the software is not really meant for actual use; the
main reason for making this was to see if it would be possible to get
reasonable performance from VNC over TCP/IP even in small embedded
systems. VNC might be a nice way to interact with small embedded
devices in situations where HTTP/HTML is too static.

There is a publicly avaliable on-line demo of uVNC running on a
Commodore 64 (64k RAM, 1 MHz 6510 CPU, 10 Mbit Ethernet hardware):

The server has two different demos - one with four moving graphs
showing the network load and one with an editable C64 screen.

Adam Dunkels <>