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A hardware VNC server
Hello VNC users!

I'm proud to tell you that we have build a "hardware VNC server" called
Praesidio 1010.

What is it?

It is an embedded PC with a framegrabber card inside and a card for
emulating keyboard and mouse.
All this parts were developed by us and it takes a long time to do this.
That was the reason why we used the VNC protocol for our remote control.
So we have not to develop any client software. Thanks to the VNC
We also make use of the tight-extension (for slow modem connections).

What can you do with it?

You can connect it to any PC via VGA- and PS/2 cables and than you can
remote control this PC without installing additional software.
You can also use the PC local, because you can connect keyboard and
mouse directly in our Praesidio.
You can also remote watch your oscilloskope if it has a VGA connector.
You can connect it as keyboard, mouse to a KVM-system and you can than
control any PC.
You can do many other things too.

If you want, have a look at

user: admin
password: admin

Than choose "remote" and start the Java-VNC-applet.

Or use your VNC-Client directly and connect to

If you have more questions about it please feel free to contact

Best regards,

infratec plus