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VNC Windows package updated to version 3.3.3 R1
VNC Windows package updated to version 3.3.3 R1

AT&T Laboratories Cambridge is pleased to announce the latest version
of the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) system for 32-bit Windows.
Current VNC users are recommended to move to the new version.

Full details of the changes in the latest version can be found at the
VNC web site at

There are many bug fixes and minor changes behind the scenes. Some of
the more obvious changes from 3.3.2 are:

Windows VNC viewer

Information about the current connection including, optionally, the
password, can be saved to a '.vnc' file, which can then be specified
on the command line. You can use the IniFileMapping facility of NT if
you would prefer these to be saved in the registry. Also an option to
register '.vnc' files as belonging to vncviewer, so that you can
double-click on them.

Fairly primitive scaling facility allows you to see desktop at
different sizes.

In Connection dialog, display defaults to :0 if not specified, so when
connecting to WinVNC servers you can usually just type the machine

WinVNC Server

An 'Add New Client' option has been added to the server menu, which
initiates a connection to a listening VNC viewer (one started with the
-listen option). This allows you to send your desktop to a helpdesk,
for example, without them needing to know your password.

Limited client IP-address based filtering of connections is now
supported, through the new Machine-Local registry setting "AuthHosts".

Incoming connections may be restricted on a server-wide basis to being
accepted only on the local-loopback interface, through the
"LoopbackOnly" registry setting.

VNC is Open Source software and is distributed under the GNU Public

Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser
AT&T Laboratories Cambridge

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