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Remove cookie on some pages only

im pretty new to varnish so forgive me if this is handled in the
documentation. Could not find any info though.
I need to remove a cookie on some pages while passing it on the other pages.
This Cookie is changing some Information on the backend application but
is not user specific ( think of regions ) and should be cached if possible.
Im not quite sure if this is possible at all, so any hints would be

i thought of sending out a HTTP Header on all pages that need the cookie
and remove it on all other pages.
>From my understanding the correct place to remove a Cookie would be
vcl_recv, while the place to read a Header from the backend would be

Is this correct or am i wrong already?
I'm using the bundled varnish 2.1.5 on ubuntu if that makes any difference.

Are there any ways to do this?