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Does varnish support "If-None-Match"-requests?
Because I do not want to teach my backend-server, how to purge cached
pages, I gave my pages a relatively short max-age (about 300s), so that
caches regularly have to ask the server, if the page has changed. I also
set a strong ETag-header on all pages, so that these requests can be
done with a "If-None-Matches"-header. The ETag only changes, when the
content really changes, so that most requests can be answred with a 304

This setup works well with browser-caches and squid & co. But it seems
as if varnish always issues a non-conditional request, when the page was
expired since the last cache-hit. Does varnish ignore the ETag-header if
max-age and/or Expires are set or is this a configuration issue?


Kai Moritz

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