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varnishlog doesnot work sometimes, can you give some help, thank you very much!
varnish version: varnish-2.1.3
varnishlog doesnot work sometimes, when we implement the varnishlog command,it prints nothing on the screen.

we deploy a varnish on our web service , it works normally , but the varnishlog does not work sometimes. The varnish is ok ,it can also reply the request of client when the varnishlog does not work .

Our application scene is that the varnish accepts 50 thounsand batch requests within 2 minutes five times everyday and the most requests can hit the cache. The varnish accepts batch requests on these time :00:00 ,04:00,08:0,12:00,16:00 and 20:00 .

The problem usually happends on 20:00 , when the varinsh accepts 50 thounsand requests within 2 minutes ,the varnishlog does not work .but when it can restore work some time later , it usually restore work on next 00:00

we have traced the problem when the varnishlog does not work, some problem happends on these method below:
The code is so complicated ,we can not understand completely , can you give us some help to resolve the problem , because the varnishlog can help us locate some web problems, it is very useful to us

we will look forward to your response. thank you very much !

Best regards!

Yours sincerely,
zhimin Zeng