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My rpm packages for varnish-2.1.5
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varnish-2.1.5 was released the other day. I have updated my packages in Fedora and epel6. Builds for rhel4 and rhel5 may be found at the usual The rhel5 packages require some dependencies pulled from epel5.

Varnish Software produces their own packages, based on the specfile I maintain for Fedora. The only important change is that my spins link against a system installed jemalloc, instead of the one provided with the source. This gives us the opportunity to update jemalloc to the latest version without recompiling varnish.

I also build packages for rhel4. While probably unsupported from Varnish Software, it compiles and runs the test suite after some small fixes to the build. jemalloc packages are provided as well.

Per added the following comment:

Sure we can support you on RHEL4. RHEL4 is excellent, the vm is really varnish-friendly.

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