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So ehhh. about Varnish 6.2...
Two weeks ago we released Varnish 6.2:

I didn't send an announce@ email at the time, there were a glitch
in package building, and then somehow I missed being told that was

But here goes:

Varnish 6.2 was our bi-annual release, as usual there are changes,
bugfixes and improvements and most people should be able to upgrade
with no trouble at all.

6.2 is probably not going to be a long-term support release, (Yes,
I'm saying this fully aware that We said the exact same thing about
FreeBSD 6.2 and how impressively wrong we were about that :-)

The reason for this is that HTTP/3 is starting to look like a thing,
and in difference from HTTP/2, it looks like something which could
be a material improvement, and therefore something we want in Varnish.

To get from here to there will take some significant development,
and 6.2 is the first baby-steps in that direction.

We make no promises about HTTP/3 yet, but stay tuned.

As always: A big thank to the Varnish Moral Licenses holders
who keep funding my Varnish habit: Uplex, Varnish Software, Fastly, and Globo.

Without their support I wouldn't be on the last train out of town
(due to a train-strike) on my way to Amsterdam to participate in
the HTTP Workshop which is probably going to be a LOT about H3.

Anyway: 6.2 is here, and if you want any of the goodies in it,
have at it.


PS: Sent via a mobile phone in Northern Germany.

PPS: I love living in the future :-)

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