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Varnish 2.1.1 released
We have just released Varnish 2.1.1 a bug fix and feature release of the
Varnish 2.1 series. The most notable changes are:

* Experimental support for the Range header, must be enabled with the
http_range_support parameter.
* A bug in workspace rollback prevented ESI from working correctly in
all situations. This is now fixed.
* A race condition and a deadlock in the critbit hasher have been fixed.
* HEAD requests are no longer converted to GET requests for pass and pipe.
* Support for completely obliterating objects including all variants
(«nuke»). See for details

This is a summary of the changes, please see the changelog for a fuller

The release can be downloaded from Sourceforge, as usual:

Tollef Fog Heen, on behalf of the Varnish development team

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