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ANN: MasterTicketsPlugin 3.0.4 released
Version 3.0.4 of coderanger's MasterTicketsPlugin has been released, fixing
a critical issue (1). Details can be found in the changelog (2) and on the
trac-hacks page (3).

Please note that the latest version of MasterTicketsPlugin will most likely
only work with Trac 0.12 and later, and let us know if you are still using
MasterTicketsPlugin with a 0.11.x version of Trac and would like to
upgrade. Attention will only be given to 0.11.x compatibility if it is
known to be important to users.

I'd also like to bring to your attention the proposal for future
development of MasterTicketsPlugin, which will include integration of
parent/child ticket functionality (currently found in SubticketsPlugin),
and more generic ticket relationships. The Apache Bloodhound team is
developing the MasterTicketsPlugin for inclusion in an upcoming release of
Bloodhound, and a proposal for future development can be found in (4). Full
compatibility with existing versions of Trac will be maintained, so I
invite you to participate in shaping the development of the plugin,
regardless of whether you are currently using or looking at using Apache


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