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user-defined groups in authzpolicy.conf of fine grained permission
is there any hack/patch already addressing/solving ticket "DefaultPermissionGroupProvider not
doing its whole job"?

I can give Trac permissions to LDAP groups via Admin-->Permissions web
interface (e.g. added permission TRAC_ADMIN to @LDAPgroup_admins), and
that works well. But what I actually want is to configure partial wiki
access restrictions based on those LDAP groups, e.g.:

wikigroup1 = @LDAPgroup_1

@wikigroup1 = WIKI_VIEW
* =

CU, F@lk

Falk Brettschneider
R&D Software
Baumer Germany,
Geschaftsfuhrer: Marcel Seeber . Dr. Oliver Vietze
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Radeberg
Amtsgericht Dresden: HRB 15379
Ust. ID: DE 189714583

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