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Re: [The Trac Project] #821: Display deployments in timeline
#821: Display deployments in timeline
Id: 821 | Status: reopened
Component: general | Modified: Sat Nov 20 08:46:41 2004
Severity: enhancement | Milestone:
Priority: normal | Version: 0.7.1
Owner: jonas | Reporter:
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I've hacked together a basic release manager which may fit your needs. I
created the patch to satisfy my own feature requests: #505 and #959. You
can get it at TracReleaselist. Its available as a patch for 0.8, not
0.7.1. Unfortunately, my patch advances the global database index number,
which will make it unfriendly to future Trac updates. Hopefully
TracReleaselist or something analagous will work with the
TracPluggableModules proposal once it is resolved.

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