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Boot with Grub the installation of FreeBSD_6.2 from an floppy image.
I have 2 partition o my HD: /dev/hda1 e /dev/hda2 .
In /dev/hda2 there is Suse_10.1,
/dev/hda1 is empty,
and in the MBR there is Grub.

Normally, FreeBSD can be installed from a CD or a floppy,
but I haven't neither a cd device nor a floppy device.

So, I want run the installation of FreeBSD_6.2 from a floppy image.
In this thread there is an idea, but I didn't understand it.

Can anyone explain me step-by-step how can I boot the installation of FreeBSD from the floppy image, please.
Here are the images.

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