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SYSLINUX 3.51 released
Since EXTLINUX was broken in 3.50, I have pushed out a 3.51 release.

Changes in 3.51:
* EXTLINUX: Fix failure to find the configuration file.

Changes in 3.50:
* New keywords allow the type of file to be specified in the
configuration file.
* It is now supported to load a different configuration file
with the CONFIG keyword.
* Fix API call 0x0019 (Read Disk.)
internationalization of menu messages.
* A new feature, TEXT HELP, allows the administrator to set
a multi-line help message for individual selections.
* Fix API call 0x0012 (Cleanup, shuffle and boot.)
* New API call "Cleanup, shuffle and boot to flat protected mode"
* New API call "Cleanup, shuffle and boot to real mode",
similar to API call 0x0012 but allows arbitrary register setting.
* Introduce a library interface for loading arbitrary binary
formats with relatively easily understood code. See
the elf.c32 module for an example on how to use it.
* New module "elf.c32", to load a protected-mode ELF kernel.
* MBR (old and new): Fix bug in CHS mode when LBA >
* vesamenu: fix decoding of palettized PNG images.
* Update the Linux kernel boot protocol.
* PXELINUX: Press Ctrl-N at the boot prompt to read out the
network info.
* Instead of the (non-existent) MAC, use the client identifier
for networks like Infiniband and Firewire/1394.
* Add a new INCLUDE command to the core syslinux parser.
* Allow binding help text to F11 and F12.
* F-key help now available in the simple menu system.
* Disabled the polling for ARP during idle. It is simply too
slow on some (broken!) PXE stacks.
* PXELINUX: also try to fetch the config file based on UUID.
* SYSLINUX/EXTLINUX: New RAID mode (-r) which calls the BIOS
to load the next device (typically the next drive) on boot

Title: syslinux
Version: 3.51
Entered-date: 2007-06-10

Description: SYSLINUX is a collection of boot loaders for the Linux
operating system which operates off Linux ext2/3
filesystems, MS-DOS FAT filesystems, network servers
using PXE firmware, or from CD-ROMs. The FAT
filesystem version can be installed from DOS, NT, or

It includes a sophisticated API for add-on "COM32"
modules, including a significant subset of the
standard C library.

It also includes MEMDISK, a tool to boot legacy
operating systems from nontraditional media like PXE
or CD-ROM.

Keywords: syslinux pxelinux isolinux extlinux msdos boot loader
floppy install network ext2 ext3 pxe iso9660 cdfs
memdisk com32
Author: (H. Peter Anvin)
Maintained-by: (H. Peter Anvin)
Primary-site: /pub/linux/utils/boot/syslinux
1922454 syslinux-3.51.tar.gz
Alternate-site: /pub/Linux/system/boot/loaders
Platforms: DOS or Linux to install. Linux, perl and nasm 0.98.38
or later required to build from source.
Copying-policy: GPL

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