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Publishing spf records with -all
Dear List

We have one mail server that sends and receives email from outside
our domain and would like the "world" to known this is the only mail
server that sends emails to recipients outside our domain.

All users authenticate to the server using SASL (sendmail and cyrus

I would like to publish spf records with -all not ~all in the DNS but have
seen a great deal of discussion regarding forwarding and the potential
source of problems when -all is used and criticism of the wizard on I have patched the using the
instructions per and the
tests seem to be ok.

This server also receives emails of logs and warnings from several
internal servers. Could these emails be rejected with the -all spf record
or do I need to modify the sendmail on these servers?

What do you recommend to cover all bases?

Thanks for your help
Stephen Carr

Computing Officer
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
The University of Adelaide
Adelaide, South Australia,
Australia 5005
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